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I’m Sylvia, and my aim is to inspire great personal and professional performance, and, be mentally and physically healthy – that’s good for individuals, and good for businesses and education providers.

I love my work as a coach, mental health [in the workplace] champion and consultant, counsellor and inspirational speaker. I encourage, enable and support individuals’ unique growth and development to achieve, succeed, be their realistic best and realise their full potential often overcoming things they didn’t think possible, and maintain their well-being.

Please take a look around my website to see how I can help you, your business or your education facility. If you like what you see, please contact me and I’d be delighted to have a no obligation conversation about how I can help.

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Performance Coaching

Whether you are an individual, business or education provider, as an NLP coach I can provide specialised coaching in the art of performance with [mental] well-being. I also draw on my experiences from a successful financial services career. The aim is to enlighten, encourage and enable individuals to do more with, or use differently, what [resources] they already have.

This enhances personal and professional performance, maintains or increases effectiveness, resilience, well-being and, in the workplace, their productivity all which enables and supports you, the business, to do the same.

Mental Health Champion

I’m a passionate activist for 'Time to Change', the campaign addressing mental health discrimination and advocating looking after mental health as we do physical health. Whether private or public sector, business, corporate or education provider, my consultancy can encourage mental health/ill health confidence.

I do this by talking mental health and mental ill-health; actively promoting understanding what mental health is… and what it isn’t; shifting raised awareness, understanding and information into practical actions; encouraging individuals to ‘spot’ signs of change and provide practical tips and ideas. The message is simple: mental health matters.

Integrative Counsellor

For over 12 years, I’ve worked extensively with clients on a one-to-one basis with depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, confidence, interpersonal skills, loss, human frailty, fragility and vulnerability, yet working to the fundamental principle of self-actualisation.

I’m also trained in art therapy meaning other mediums can be used for exploration, insight, growth and change when words are not enough; when clients are unable, or lack the ability, vocabulary, strength or confidence to express or articulate themselves.

Inspirational Speaker

I aspire to inspire others that ‘If I can, they can too’. I can share my personal story - my life in two halves – about my lived experience of suicidal depression, my personal transformation from mental ill-health to mental wealth and embracing life, while having a successful career. I can also share my personal and professional experiences of being a consistent high performer and role model in dynamic and demanding workplaces.

My motivation is simple: to use my experiences to inspire, encourage and enable others, and raise mental health/ill-health awareness and confidence.