About Me

My motivation is the saying: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. For me that’s a world where it’s okay to talk mental health, a world where we look after our mental health as we do our physical health. That way perhaps much is preventable.

I’m told I’ve quite a unique skill set:

  • A lived mental ill-health and recovery experience.

  • A long and uninterrupted successful career in financial services working in dynamic, pressurised and competitive environments.

  • I’m an integrative counsellor.

  • I’ve been a volunteer counsellor for a UK registered charity for survivors of sexual abuse and rape.

  • I’m an NLP coach and master coach

  • I’m a mental health activist.

This means I’ve a wealth of personal and professional expertise, in my capacity as an independent service provider, to innovatively bring performance and mental health together in a unique way to clients.  A skill set relevant to current ‘hot topics’ of mental health, mental health in the workplace/ education environments, improvement and betterment initiatives, performance and resilience.

I am passionate about people’s ongoing growth and development, achievement, resilience, their ‘bounceback-ability’, to achieve, succeed and be the best they can be and be [mentally] healthy.


  • Advanced NLP Diploma in Coaching

  • National Autistic Society’s 5 Essential Autistic Training Modules

  • Master NLP practitioner coach

  • NLP practitioner coach

  • Equine Assisted NLP practitioner

  • Advanced Diploma in Integrative counselling

Continued Professional Development

CPD is very important to me and enhances my work and my personal development. Regularly attending various events means more ‘tools in my tool box’ and the better equipped I am. CPD comes from life learning and I learn so much from my clients too. In my experience, and I believe, we learn the most when things are at their toughest and don’t go according to plan, or as expected or from set-backs.