Mental Health Champion, Coach and Consultant

Just because individuals can't see mental health / mental-ill health, doesn't mean it's not noticeable. 

Mental health or mental ill-health isn’t visible in itself. That’s the same for many disabilities or physical health conditions too. However, its impact and affect often is via non-verbal communications and physiological changes which can be ‘seen’ and experienced by ourselves and others, with awareness and insight.  

We all have bodies and minds; we all have physical health and mental health. So, let’s look after our mental health as we do our physical health. To do that we need to raise mental health awareness; to do that, we need to be able to talk about it. Find out how, and ways, to look after it too, recognise when some ‘TLC’ or extra support is needed, and what action to take.

The same applies to mental ill health, illness too.  I say that because in my experience when talking about mental health, many silently, unconsciously or subconsciously add the word ‘illness’.

Understanding the difference between mental health and mental ill health is therefore vitally important on many levels. 

So, I’m talking both. That's what I do by the variety of possibilities on offer.

You’ve had a big impact on building awareness and openness around mental well-being.
— Digital Analyst, RBWM, HSBC

I use my wealth of personal and professional expertise, plus experiences from a successful financial services career, including my extra curricula activities as mental health committee lead for a disability, mental health and carers employee network at HSBC, a network that made a significant difference by driving the Time to Change agenda forward.

Talking increases our potential to better understand mental health, understand and/or accept mental ill-health, its impact, its affect on individuals, others, our personal and professional performance. The aim:  it’s OK to talk mental health to be better informed, better equipped and better enabled.

Great presentation – you raised understanding and awareness [of mental health].
— Head of Global Audit, HSBC
Thank you for the initiatives that have been run in relation to mental health.
— PA to Head of BRCM, HSBC
Thank you for your work in helping to make HSBC a better place to work for people affected by mental health issues.
— Support Officer, HSBC
It’s clear there’s no silver bullet, but understanding and awareness and ensuring all staff are aware of the great support available are my two key takeaways.
— Head of GCD, HSBC
Sylvia’s sheer drive and determination has made mental health a more talked about and acceptable subject.
— Branch Manager, HSBC