Performance Coaching

Just because individuals can't see something in themselves or others, doesn't mean it's not there. 

We have all the resources we need, whether we are aware of them or not!  If someone else can do ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ may be, why not you?!

I believe performance is the sum of many component parts; life skills, life-style skills, interpersonal communication skills, confidence, personal brand, self promotion, professionalism, resilience, career choices, work life boundaries and so forth.  Some, or all, parts may require uplifting to reach the desired performance levels. Either looking at performance as a whole, or looking at its components parts, raises individuals’ awareness and encourages the [more] effective use of their resources, thus enhancing their performance ability, effectiveness and productivity.

Creatively complementing performance coaching with well-being awareness and evidenced based techniques to encourage taking care of physical and mental health, actively promotes and supports healthy performance levels too.

For individuals, this means achievement without perhaps working longer hours, leaving the office at reasonable times, working ‘smarter not harder’, experiencing less stress/pressure, improving target achievement.

For businesses, this means an upskilled, existing or reduced, workforce that’s able to maintain or even raise standards and service levels in competitive environments.  It means the unlocking and awakening of your existing workforce talent, and/or encouragement and development of your new and/or young talent. 

For education providers, this means that in addition to their academic qualifications, your students acquire enhanced life skills, professionalism and employability.

A big ‘thank you’ for helping me find my confidence, that was (allegedly!) always in myself.
— Analyst - HSBC
In the most difficult and painful moment of my life you showed me kindness, support and a superior demonstration of humanity.
— Director, GBM, HSBC