For me, there’s always been something special about stars.

Some people are hearts people, I’m a stars person. There’s something magical and fascinating about them, simply beautiful. Sometimes we can’t see them, but they’re always there. The Andromeda Galaxy featured on my home-page is meaningful too.  It was on a treasured gift card I'd had for many years. Much later it was the perfect fit as the frontispiece for my Master NLP project.

However, star is also a metaphor.  If a corporate, this could be your stars as in your existing employees, your new/young talent or your untapped, unknown, unlocked and unawakened talent.  Stars you know, and those you don’t know… yet.

If an individual, this could be your own star, the one you know, or don’t know… yet; the one you are and the one you could, or want, to be!

And that’s what I do, I inspire stars yet I also want to make sure they’re healthy stars too.