World Suicide Prevention Day

That every 40 seconds someone loses their life to suicide is a sobering thought. I could have been one of those many years ago. My attempts failed. I was helped and fully recovered. So, take a moment today to pause and think……are you OK? are those around you OK? And if you sense something's amiss, ask, and ask twice. You could just be the difference that makes a difference….as someone once was for me.

Being key speaker at this Ministry of Justice event for Mental Health Awareness Week 13-19 May 2019 (MHAW)

Was a great honour and an amazing and insightful event too. Feedback was humbling and is why I do what I do.

I am so proud of your participation. It just would not have been the same without your fantastic delivery, and your open, honest personal story that has touched so many, me included. Feedback has highlighted your session as one of the best bits.
— Head of MOJ Mental Health Ally Project

Zippy to help……


… this Time to Talk Day 7 February 2019. With a zipped mouth, Zippy’s a great metaphor for how much/little we say. While great mental health awareness events take place around the country, perhaps take the opportunity for gentle, kind, ‘you ok?’ self-talk . A few moments checking-in how you are; how’re you doing, feeling, thinking, behaving etc. Perhaps a top-to-toe self ‘audit’ for any ‘personal clues and cues’ that might indicate whether any changes, tweaks, adjustments are needed to get you to how, or back to, where you’d like to be. Perhaps Time to Talk isn’t just once a year, it’s throughout the year. 

LinkedIn’s Big Ideas for 2019…..

… includes mine on mental health matters. There I share what I’ll be watching - the growing development of mental health technology and what affect will Generation Z have in the workplace – and my hope for 2019 – the growing shift from awareness towards practical action, from information into inform-action continues and what will businesses practically do to maintain and/or improve performance and productivity through mental health best practice? 

A happy crew is a productive crew

…..was my piece for the Institute of Directors’, members’ only “ Productivity Guide”. I was privileged to contribute on the impact mental health has on performance and productivity. It’s a member only piece but points considered were:

What is the link between mental health/productivity? 

What are your experiences of how it impacts businesses/what do they get wrong? 

What can business leaders practically do to improve their productivity through mental health best practice?