Workshops, tutorials, presentations, coaching circles, ‘lunch and learns’ are tailored to meet your specific needs. I’d be delighted to discuss your specific requirements.

Performance enhancing life skills such as those below, can also be delivered in isolation or blended, as a ‘one-off’ event or a series of events, and/or weaved into mental health awareness events, depending on your focus.

  • Professionalism, Personal Brand, self-promotion.
  • Interpersonal communication skills – understanding the impact and power of verbal and non-verbal cues.
  •  Life-style, resilience and well-being,
  • Stress awareness, prevention and management.
  • Confidence & empowerment

Similarly, themes for mental health awareness and confidence:

  • Raise individuals’ self-awareness to recognise their stressors, personal triggers and signs, and when to get some ‘TLC’ / additional support.
  • "Hints & tips’ to look after our mental health [as we do our physical health].
  • Line/people manager training to raise awareness, build confidence and ability to ‘spot’ non-verbal communicators of mental ill-health and action to take.
  • Encourage organisations to develop a cohesive approach to the topic, implement clear support signposting and navigation.
  • The power and influence of organisations’ employee/student resource groups as valuable agents for change. How they raise awareness and give voice to their respective cause, drive and make a difference within organisations through various innovative and often pioneering activities and are positive conduits between organisational layers.